• About Us

  • Pensacola Roofs is a premier roofing contractor in Pensacola. Our success is the result of the perfect combination of experience and knowledge with roof repair and new roof installation in Pensacola and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves with having a strong work ethic and providing a quality product at a fair price. At Pensacola Roofs we believe that the customer has made the best choice when choosing us as their roofing contractor in Pensacola, as we deliver the best value for their money and we do the job right the FIRST TIME.  It is unfortunate that some in our industry cut corners and neglect to replace flashing when needed. You can be assured that when we are replacing your roof, the step flashing and/or counter flashing will be replaced if needed. This will prevent roof leakage and structural damage down the road. Pensacola Roofs always warranties it's work by providing the homeowner with a 10 year no leak warranty. The no leak warranty is one time transferable. (The shingles are warranted by the manufacturer). 

    Every roofing company in Pensacola has their own ideas on how to run their business and how to satisfy the customer. Unfortunately, many companies are focused primarily on offering the lowest price. What often is the case, is the low-bid contractor simply cannot offer a quality product because they lack the funding in terms of assets, quality materials and/or their ability to pay competent roofing specialists. Consequently, many of these companies just cannot deliver what they have promised.